Green Heulandite

Green Heulandite

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Green Heulandite is soothing to the emotional body and promotes a blissful states of consciousness.

Green Heulandite is focused upon the heart center and the expression of heartfelt joy. The physical heart is the generator of the majority of the aura's electromagnetic energy and Green Heulandite assists the heart in remaining resonant with positive emotional energies and their corresponding electromagnetic frequencies.

Green Heulandite strengthens weak auras and is an ideal protective crystal tool that promotes a strong and resilient aura.

Green Heulandite promotes emotional healing from traumatic experience, grief and shock. Green Heulandite fosters the frequencies of compassion and love and assists in releasing feelings of resentment, judgment, cynicism and sarcasm. Green Heulandite also encourages one to remain consciously focused in one's heart center.

Listing is for (1) natural green heulandite, approximately 2”.