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Sugilite is used to facilitate psychic connections in a loving and trusting manner, helping you to be open to receive all that is needed in the moment. Sugilite is one of the very best crystal for those who are sensitive and take on energies around them. Carry sugilite to create a shield of light around your physical and energetic body. Its rich color is highly infused with violet flame energy!

Bustamite helps with angelic communication and meditation. It is best known for its ability to remove and clear energy blockages, from a person, place, object or situation. A very powerful stone for use in energy work.

Richterite is used to deal with issues of "fight or flight", PTSD and other stress and anxiety issues, It is said to help balance action and reaction, bringing strength, stability and calm to the used.

This triad of energy makes this stone the ultimate synergistic powerhouse. This stone is rare and stock is limited on this item. 

Listing is for (1) stone, approximately 1-1/2"-2-1/2"