Amazonite Rough

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Amazonite is a stone that can help you speak the truth, speak with confidence and help communicate harmoniously. Wear on days where you have to give speeches or prepare for meetings. It’s also great for balancing male and female energies. 

Amazonite opens the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra. The overall benefits of this stone can help you align your energy points and physical body. 

Amazonite stones can be one of the most powerful stones to manifestation. Boost your levels of courage and speak with more confidence. This stone is also great for releasing grief and emotional trauma. 

Place an amazonite stone on your throat chakra on a daily basis during meditation for greater effects. This keeps your chakras and body aligned. 

Amazonite is also used to open up your heart and release any toxic emotions. 

Amazonite synchronizes with the Heart Chakra. Use during meditation, carry with you or place in your space to open and connect with your emotions and work through anything in need of heart healing. 

Listing is for one rough stone.