Apophyllite Pyramid

Apophyllite Pyramid

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Apophyllite is identified by its pyramid shaped points. This gem carries a high vibration, while facilitating relaxation. It’s helps us to settle in and open ourselves to higher frequencies. Clearing the 3rd eye and allowing us to spiritually attune and transmit energy, messages and connection to other planes. Some call this “The Channelers Stone”. 

Clear Apophyllite is highly sought for its spiritual healing properties. Nearly all of this stone’s perceived effects are of the mind, not the body.

In Reiki, pyramids are used to facilitate the flow of energy from the practitioner to the client, especially those who may have a resistance to spiritual ideas or are not fully engaged. Similarly, it can be a great stone for those who are experiencing a block or have become discouraged in their spiritual growth.

Apophyllite is a crystal often associated with the mystic and supernatural; it is often used by those wishing to communicate with other realms or enhance psychic visions.

Apophyllite is also very popular among those who simply enjoy its energy. It is an excellent stone for meditation as it clears and opens the mind, ridding worries and expanding our awareness.

Listing is for one Apophyllite Point 1”-1.5”  shape & size varies by specimen.