Apophyllite on Chalcedony

Apophyllite on Chalcedony

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Apophyllite will increase your introspection into your behaviour and correct any imbalances or flaws. A stone of truth, it will break down barriers and help you see things as they are, and show you to the universe as you are too.

Chalcedony is a highly calming crystal, when placed in the home it will ward off negative energies and bring serenity to those within. It imbues universal love and releases suppressed emotions. It will support you to overcome anxieties and worries as it helps to calm fears.

The combination of these two minerals creates a high vibrational crystal, it also has grounding abilities and allows the mind and body to relax. A great stress reducer for those that work in a fast paced industry with many high demands.

Listing is for the specimen pictured, approximately 3”x3”