Carborundum #4

Carborundum #4

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Properties of Carborundum

Carborundum is a master healer, semiconductor that shines light in all areas. It purifies, mind, body and spirit. It encourages intuition and discernment.

Carborundum enhances communication, transmits thought, mental agility and focus. It eliminates sadness, anger, melancholy and relieves stress. 

A Carborundum crystal cluster is a manmade crystal combining silicon and carbon atoms fused together which sparkles in rainbow colours of gold, pink, green, blue and purple against a grey-black background. It is made from silicon carbide. It is sand + carbon super-heated and as it cools the crystals form. 

A carborundum crystal cluster does not seem to deteriorate in sunshine so you can keep letting it sparkle (I haven’t done a full field test except it has sat all day in the sun at markets). And it doesn’t dissolve in water – so you can easily clean off dust that way. it is friable so no rough handling.