Crystal Singing Pyramids

Crystal Singing Pyramids

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We are so excited to finally have these high quality singing pyramids in the shop!

Made of 99.8% clear quartz crystal and designed with 8 rods for a precise frequency, to vibrationally harness the power of the Great Pyramids. Quartz crystal is able to absorb, give, strengthen and send energy to the user. Combined with sound waves, it creates the ultimate vibrational healing experience. These pyramids are powerful tools for opening portals and working with light codes. They are also extremely effective for house clearings, to balance and upgrade the bio-energy field and to open and align the chakra systems.

Use crystal singing pyramids in your meditation, rituals or music time! Our pyramids are made to resonate with frequencies of the body, soul and universe, raising ones vibration and bringing harmonic balance to the user. 

Listing is for (1) crystal pyramid and mallet. Choose size from the drop down menu. 3"-12" sizes available.