Earth Ritual Kit

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We are here in EARTH 🌎 energy.  It’s time to anchor in to the planet to stabilize all of the craziness happening around us. If you’re feeling overwhelmed 😵‍💫out of balance 🤕 or having a rough time integrating✨, this kit has all the tools you need to feel steady and ready for the season ahead💫💕

We’re including a FULL SIZE GROUNDING MIST, a crystal infused EARTH CANDLE, a powerful gemstone set💎, mini White Sage bundle 💨 Palo Santo 🪵and a beautiful hand carved rosewood bowl with lid ✨

Gemstone Set includes natural emerald, pyrite, indigo gabbro, and beautiful gemmy Iolite. 

Use this RITUAL KIT to center and align your energy, release what is too heavy, replenish and rejuvenate your soul and stabilize your emotions to show up as your best self.

✨Limited quantities! ✨When they are gone, they’re gone!