Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet

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 The evil eye amulet is used for protection, to ward off energy or intentions that are intentionally or unintentionally given by the hostile glance. It is often a simple eye with shades of blue and is worn as a necklace, bracelet, or hung somewhere. It may be a house, a car, or almost anything. As long as the symbol is there, it is said that it will always serve as a means of protection from all forms of harm that the eye of a hostile glance or intentions can bring upon someone.


Evil eye meaning and history can be traced back to long time ago. It’s pretty fascinating how you can find the evil eye in almost every culture and every region. Let me tell you about the origin regions of the evil eye. This symbol can be dated very far back. It can be related to Greek, Ancient Egypt, and even Turkey. There are varied beliefs of the evil eye in each of these areas, but they all boil down to the same concept of evil eye protection: protection from the hostile glance.

In Greece, people have a strong belief in the evil eye protection. Tourists often stock up on charms and bracelets from there during visits. They consider the evil eye protection can protect one from the negative energy that is created due to someone else’s jealousy. Greeks firmly believe that it can easily cause minor issues and major ones such as physical symptoms. The solution to this is the evil eye.

Egyptians have believed in the powers of the evil eye for very long. They think that the feeling is a solid hidden and evil power that can cause loss or damage if acquired. It may result in injury or bad luck. Looking at anyone with this intention causes the evil eye to occur. In Arabic, it is termed as “aien al-hasoud.”

People in Turkey believe in the evil eye as well, probably the biggest believers of evil eye protection among all. Many people believe that the charms and jewelry designed with blue eye patterns protect one from the harm that they may inflict. Like in Greece and Egypt, Turks believe that the evil eye can bring damage, injury, and bad luck into one’s life, and a simple charm can ward off even the most corrupt of the hostile glances.

Listing is for one dark blue, glass bead evil eye bracelet.