Fire Ritual Kit

Fire Ritual Kit

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Fire Ritual Kits are used to harness, heighten, and focus the energy of Fire- motivation, manifestation, creativity, strength, forward movement, doing away with the old, making way for the new. 

Use the items in the kit together to hold ceremony, or use the items individually to boost the fire within. The Ascension Mist can be used alone in meditation, energy work, or to open the senses. Light the candle to connect with FIRE, bringing the energy of the Southern Gateway into your space. Carry the gemstone set with you or use in a crystal grid. And the hand carved orange calcite bowl can be used on your alter in set out in your space, fill with gemstones, herbs and flowers, and/or write what you are manifesting on a small piece of paper and offer it in the bowl. 

This ritual kit is good to use year round, anytime you’re  needing a little FIRE…or motivation…or creativity…or seduction 


Our Fire Ritual Kits include:

(1) Hand carved orange calcite bowl

(1) FIRE Crystal Candle

     (brecciated Jasper set in candle)

(1) FIRE, Leo, Lions Gate Gemstone Set

      (Fire agate, heart shaped carnelian,

        Citrine and poly chrome Jasper!)

(1) Sirius Lion (Lion’s Gate) Ascension Mist- this is SERIOUSLY MAGICAL!