Nundoorite Slices

Nundoorite Slices

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Meaning and Energy 

Nundoorite forges a superior bond between the heart and root chakra systems, promoting an extension of Earth’s energies to be channeled within. This abundant wave of restorative energy is imbued within us and assists one in all forms of self-healing, especially the emotional body. Our home planet provides the proper ingredients to help one maintain their own personal joy Nundoorite is simply an amulet, or small bridge, that helps one find their way home to heal and harness love, light, and happiness.


Nundoorite pushes you in the direction of removing anything that causes negative vibrations Toxic environments only provide a breeding ground for negative habits to be absorbed by the body and mind. Nundoorite provides one with a shell around their aura when meditating as well as when they go out in the world. This barrier enables one to walk freely among any unknown environment due to the protection that it offers.

Revealing Areas of Growth

A common practice we recommend any level practitioner to take part in is the “whispering of trauma” you’ve experienced into this stone. Nundoorite does more than just hold secrets, as your heart and root are connected throughout your sessions and beyond. As you expel your deepest pains and allow for them to be spoken into the physical realm, a sense of fatigue may rush over you. This is known as an emotional flush and is a positive sign! You are giving your heart SO much love while allowing it to speak about the damage it's carrying. Take your time during these brief sessions (5-15 minutes) and push yourself to be uncomfortable (don’t forget to cleanse your crystal after each session). Doing this repeatedly will allow for your true character to shine through; a powerful and potent human being capable of anything you desire.