Peach Selenite for Transformation

Peach Selenite for Transformation

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Peach Selenite is a stone of transformation. It helps heal old emotional wounds and transforms this low energy into healing, forgiveness and acceptance. Use Peach Selenite to increase self esteem, self awareness, willpower and our ability to travel a new path.


  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Ideal for purification and energetic cleansing
  • Adds positive intentions to the energy body
  • Opens inner self to spiritual world
  • Enhances consciousness
  • Creates a link between spirit and matter
  • Directs high frequency energy into the body,stimulating spiritual, physical and emotional healing.


  • Sleeping with a Peach Selenite in or under your pillow case can provide auric cleansing and help clear confusion, as well as calm heightened emotions.
  • Carry on or around your physical body such as in a pocket, purse, wire wrap as a necklace , etc. for support in all areas mentioned above.
  • All Selenites are soft and water sensitive, they are self cleansing stones so no need to wash them with water. May use Smudge smoke if desired.


Varies from 2.5-3.5"