Peridot Mini Gemstone Power Bracelet

Peridot Mini Gemstone Power Bracelet

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Peridot brings the gentle energy of kindness and compassion in a joyful and harmonious kind of way. It helps let go of the old by promoting a sense of renewal and regeneration. This is a stone that is often recommended for times of conflict in romantic relationships, as it helps soothe the energy and bring harmonious resolution to difficult situations.

The most prominent property of peridot is its joyful and gentle heart opening ability, along with the wisdom to deal with the energy of conflicts and relationship difficulties. Peridot helps clear blockages accumulated in one's heart and opens the way for more grace, beauty and happiness to come into one's life.

Peridot can also:

  • Promote the energy of protection
  • Ease stress
  • Attract harmony and joyful peace
  • Bring harmony to relationships
  • Inspire happiness
  • Balance one's emotions
  • Teach how to succeed without aggression

LISTING IS FOR (1) 4mm peridot gemstone bracelet