Process and Heal Set

Process and Heal Set

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Do you ever have experiences that need to be processed and healed before your heart is ok again? Maybe it’s just a disagreement with someone, a disappointment in something you were hoping for, or something on a deeper level. We all need a little support sometimes to move through it. This set will help you do that. Keep reading to learn about each stone.

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Iolite- holds space in the heart when needed to process emotional situations and helps you to accept how you think and feel about a situation.

Rhodonite- keeps emotions open, moving and centered.

Prairie Tanzanite- Releases low energy such as offense, hard feelings, apprehension, disagreement, shock, betrayal and anxiety from the emotional body bringing balance and stability.

Moonstone- Nurturing, mother energy, picking you back up and restoring you to your best self.

Listing includes one of each stone listed above.