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Septarian is a powerful grounding stone that awakens one’s connection to Mother Earth and the nurturing energy she provides. Your root chakra will become activated when working with this stone, as well as the life force energy within you. This energy being transferred through you is that of ancient origin, being a combination of 3 powerful minerals that will help in the realignment of your chakra column. One may experience an “inner awakening” when connecting with this stone, driving drastic change and new habits to replace old daily habits.

Septarian is a perfect tool for anyone going through some sort of drastic change in their life and can help you repair your emotional body. Carrying this stone daily will provide a protective shield around your aura. This stone is full of powerful earth energy that will help one slowly heal from the inside out. It may be a long drawn out process, but one can fully repair their emotional self and push through any lingering trauma.

Since Septarian is formed from Aragonite, Calcite, Limestone, and sometimes Barite, it naturally takes on all of these healing properties of those individual crystals. We will discuss each of those briefly and then explain the metaphysical properties of Septarian itself.

Aragonite: Aragonite is a healing stone that is excellent for removing stress and anxiety. It is a calming meditation crystal and it brings solid Wood Energy into a room or life.

Calcite: Calcite is a stone of spirituality, amplifies and clears the energy field, and helps memory. It is also reported to cure resentment and animosity and can also be used for strengthening character, fighting bigotry, and sexism.

Limestone: Limestone connects to the Root Chakra and is used to ground the body and spirit. It is a nurturing stone that can provide relief both physically and mentally. They are very supportive of change and great for emotional healing.

Barite: Barite crystals (also called Desert Rose) are excellent tools for grounding and harnessing Earth energy. It can clear blockages in the upper chakras allowing it to heighten your intuitive visionary abilities.

If you look at the properties above, you will notice a theme of grounding, centering, and strong Earth energy. As such, Septarian crystals are very strong conduits of Earth energy. They reduce stress, anxiety, and anger. They bring about feelings of understanding of the world around you and yourself. As such, they often make the user feel "lighter" and happier. Septarian stones will make you feel more connected with nature and Mother Earth. They are nurturing stones that make you feel loved, protected, and understood.

Septarian History

Septarian is believed to have formed during Earth's Cretaceous Period, which was roughly 50-60 million years ago. During this time, sea levels were much higher in places like southern Utah and Madagascar where this stone is found. Since much of the Earth was underwater, so were many of Earth's volcanos. As such, underwater volcanic eruptions happened from time to time.

When these eruptions would happen, it would wipe out any nearby sea life and all of their matter would fall to the seafloor. The minerals from the shells and prior life were attracted to the seafloor sediments and formed together to make nodules. Over time, as more sealife passed, they settled to the ocean floor where they would get mixed with the nodules even more.

After the oceans eventually receded back, we were left with these beautiful formations of Septarian nodules. The water dissipated and the formations began to dry. The minerals from all of the past sea life then crystallize and form Aragonite and Calcite crystals.

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