Serenity Prehnite

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Prehnite is know as the stone that heals the healer. Its frequency is strong and expansive, able to hold the space for the most complexed humans. 


  • Prehnite can be used to soothe an overactive mind and help you to relax. They can also enhance intuition to help you feel safe in more situations.


  • ADD/ADHD. In some cases, prehnite has been known to help people who are hyperactive. Prehnite can help you to see your goals more clearly and increase your chances of achieving them.

True Love

  • These yellow-green stones help to connect you with the unconditional love of the divine. Green prehnite is known as a stone that can teach you unconditional love and compassion.

Inner Peace

  • Prehnite brings hope in difficult times and can help you to persevere. This good hope stone is the perfect stone to bring peace in areas where you feel helpless.


  • Prehnite can help you to face your fears and release them.