Shungite Balancing Rods

Shungite Balancing Rods

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Shungite and Soapstone rods are used as a Balancer of energy. Shungite has “Yin” (feminine) energy and is used for the left hand, the soapstone has “Yang” (masculine) energy and is used for the right hand. Using the balancing rods grounds your body’s energy releasing any overactive energy, EMF’s, static or overstimulated vibrations within your energy field. 

How to use:

Hold the Shungite (black) in the Left hand, the Soapstone (grey) in the Right hand for the best energy flow for the body. Take a comfortable position. Close your eyes, and your breathing is even and calm. Feel the energy of both stones, feel the energy flow from hand to hand through your entire body. Release your thoughts and don’t think about anything. The time for the exercise is 7-10 minutes.

. Use to ground and balance your body, mind and spirit! 

Size: Approx 4.1" length x 1.2" diameter
Combined Weight: Approx 14 oz ( 400 gm)
2 rods included as shown

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown.