Sirius Lion Ascension Mist

Sirius Lion Ascension Mist

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Our LIMITED EDITION Sirius Lion Ascension Mist is out of this world good! Made on 8/8 during the Lion’s Gate Portal, charged in the Fire of the Sun and activated under the Leo New Moon, the energy of this ascension spray is everything you need to go places!

Meditate, astral travel, channel your Spirit Guides, get into a serious trance state  or simply harness the strength, Fire and passion of the sacred Lion, or the more advance Sirius Gateway.

With notes of blue lotus, white lotus, pink lotus, bergamot, and frankincense organic essential oils, 

Directions for use: With eyes closed, hold approximately 8-10” from face, mist and breathe deeply. 

Aromatherapy engages the olfactory nerves through scent and signals the brain to produce experiences.