Tiger’s Eye Power Cubes

Tiger’s Eye Power Cubes

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These Tiger’s Eye Power Cubes are perfect to use as alter stones, in grid work and rituals. The cut (shape directs energy) and extraordinary golden inclusions make it hard to miss the POWERFUL VIBRATIONS of this collection. Each stone has been cleansed and vibrationally charged with fire and sun energy, making its way to you ready for use! 

Tigers Eye is the stone of protection, strength, and motivation. Tigers eye motivates you to take initiative, pursue action and make things happen! It’s a stone of willpower and vitality. It is also a stone of duality, with energies that will ground you as well as energize you. While you are out there making things happen, you will maintain a clear and level head. 

In centuries past, Tigers Eye was given to warriors to protect them, strengthen them, and take them through battle ready to triumph.

Perfect for modern day warrior, soldiers, or anyone fighting private battles of their own, especially in the collective energy of today’s world. 

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