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Vanadinite encourages creativity, playfulness and curiosity. It can help you feel adventurous, willing to take risks and break free of the expectations or strictures of others.

It encourages you to express your ideas and desires more easily. It can remove stagnation and institute a free flow of both energy and ideas. 

Vanadinite fills the gap that is in everyone between the intellect and thought. To think something doesn't necessarily mean that is a good idea. Vanadinite helps in defining and pursuing goals. It has the ability to curb overspending tenancies. If placed in the prosperity corner of the house (the far left hand corner of a room, house or land) you will be able to keep what you have and invite more to you.

 Vanadinite is used for the disintegration of emotional states that have been firmly established in the solar plexus and base chakras. Instead of total disintegration, it destabilises the negativity associated with challenging memories or experiences. This stone therefore helps you reintegrate the lessons captured from the experience, making you a much more powerful person because of it.